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Aerial Photography at Eco Venao Beach Front

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Fortunato M.

Drone Photography and Videography.

We film Hamburg.

(Shots included on the PERMACULTURE video)

Eco Venao Beach Front in Playa Venao.

Playa Venao is located in the peninsula of Azuero in Panama. A 4 hour drive divides the city from this paradise.

It has 3 km of beach, on half of the beach you ill find beach hotels trying to promote the tourism in the area, focusing mainly on surfing, relax vibes and parties.

Then it has the other half in wich Eco Venao is located.

Eco Venao is a 40 hectar protected area, its being reforested and protected to be a nature santuary.

The Hotels runs on ecological rules and preseving nature is it main value.

From Permaculture practices to recycling, reussing and managing the waste Eco Venao gives home to many groups of animals and is very common to see large groups of monkeys as well as a extended variety of birds.

From the Sky the difference from the to sides of Playa Venao is noticeable and you can see how the tropical forest blends with the sand and the ocean.

Eco Venao is a place that brings and give hope to the planet. Is an example of simplicity while living an amazing experience of life.

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